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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Brooklyn! A few of my favorite things are my husband Mark, my 4 kids, spontaneous adventures, cake making (and eating), Rom Coms and OF COURSE filmmaking. I am sucker for love stories, birth stories, well, just all the stories! I am here to tell YOUR story and we'll both probably end up crying a little bit watching it back!  

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I directed a play out of my garage in 5th grade, wrote a screenplay in high school and graduated from a film program in college. I have always had the desire and passion for storytelling in this way. After college I got married, had my babies and took a little break from the medium.  It wasn't until I realized how quickly time was passing with my young kids and how I wanted desperately to hold onto all the moments and memories that I wanted to create films again.

For as long as I can remember I was performing or trying do something through theater or film. 

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And although I have photos which are priceless, I want to capture the movement, the facial expressions, the sound and the looks between those who love each other in my own life and in the lives of others.