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Take it from someone who doesn't have a wedding video and seriously regrets it! I so wish my kids could watch it. I am passionate about making a film for YOU and I know how priceless and how cherished that will be. Everyone has moments that they want preserved and to never be forgotten, whether it is how you looked and interacted with your spouse on your wedding day, how tiny your newborn baby was and all those little features, your love during your engagement or proposal, the list could go on and on. Let's capture it and preserve it and make the moment live on forever! 

I believe everyone's story is worth telling and everyone's wedding should be filmed! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get video?

A video is one of the only things you have left when all is said and done on your wedding day. It captures the emotions of the day and it's something you and your kids and grandkids can watch back over again and again. How many times do you think you will watch it? In the words of Cady Heron "The limit does not exist". Capturing any time in your life through video is something that you will thank yourself for now and definitely 50 years from now. 

How long are the videos?

Elopement Videos are usually 4-7 minutes long. Wedding films are on average 5-10 minutes long depending on the package. Couples/Engagement/Family videos are 1-3 minutes long depending on the project.

Can I use my favorite Taylor Swift song in the video?

Unfortunately no. I am unable to use many songs due to music licensing. I have a subscription through a website called Musicbed where I get all my music. We can discuss your preferences in music and if you would like, you can look on the website or I can send you some of my playlists from there to listen to.  

Do you travel?

Yes! Happy to travel wherever you need me. Travel fees may apply when the location is 100 miles outside of the Bay Area (California). My travel fees to the following locations are slightly lower than to other places in the world (Seattle, Southern California and Utah).